ESP-01 Programmer for ESP8266

I have been working on a new wifi enabled version of the pumpkin project and as part of that effort I am using ESP8266 modules. The issue I was having is that programming them via breadboard was kinda bulky and when I ordered a PCB for a programmer it turned out to have an error in the design. The solution was to create my own. I wanted something that was minimal in parts and would just get the job done. The final product is a simple PCB with 4 components attached. To program you hold down the program button and tap the reset button and BAM! it is ready to be programmed. I left out a 3.3v regulator like lots of the other designs out there since I always use FTDI friends that have a 3.3v setting. it has made programming way simpler. I hope you find it as helpful as I did also ordering it via OSH Park 3 boards only cost $3.10. For the build you will need: 1 - PCB from OSH Park - 1 - 6 pin right angle header for FTDI -  609-3313-ND 1 - 2x4 pin

Talking Pumpkins 2015

This is an update to the talking pumpkins rig I made back in 2013.  The  new project uses an arduino and an MP3 module instead of a PI for audio playack. I also made a 3D enclosure for the electronics. For the candles it is a repeat of the old build and I tried to keep the pins the same in the move from an arduino Uno to a Pro Mini. For audio I went with the DF Player Mini. I choose this sound board due to price and that unlike several other options in the same price range this module was not as picky about SD cards and supports larger than 2GB cards. A Video of it can be found on my youtube channel at The Hardware: 1 - PIR sensor - 1 - 15ft phone wire 6 - LED flicker candles 5 - red flicker LEDs - 10 - 220 Ω  resistors - from that compartment in my tool box 5 - random proto boards the ones I used for this are no longer in production sadly 1 -

Update and News for 2015!

I know I have not given an update in some time but more is on the way. For the holidays I picked up a printrbot from adafruit. I have started playing with that and am working on a project that merges electronics 3d printing and gaming. I am starting work on a light up commander tag like the ones in guild wars 2.  I will try to provide more active updates this year and I have already started planning for a revamp of the Halloween pumpkin display for 2015. I have also started a new channel on YouTube for videos of my projects and 3d prints. Feel free to check that out here.  I just started working on the PiGRRL raspberry pi gameboy , I have uploaded the print out of the case top and you can see it here: It looks like 2015 is going to be a good year for IGetIO so keep checking for updates.

Arduino Powered 5 Minute Color Timer

My daughter has been having issues keeping on task when getting ready in the mornings so I decided to make a timer for her. Instead of displaying the time it uses a light that fades from green to red over the five minutes. When the time runs out it buzzes for 10 seconds and goes into power save mode. There were several revisions this went through using normal LEDs and interrupts I even tried it on a trinket but that is another story. The final version uses a single neopixel and a mini pro which I got from sparkfun on arduino day.  The way that this was built will allow me to easily reprogram it and it allows the option of adding a neopixel ring in the future. The Parts: 1 x Arduino pro mini 3.3v 1 x Mini Speaker 1 x Perma Proto Board 1 x 2 AA Battery Holder 1 x Panel Mount Switch 1 x Neopixel 1 x Window Top Tin Some Rice Paper Assorted Lengths of Wire The Buildout:  For this project the hardware is fairly simple. The Arduino uses pin 6 for the Neopixel and pin 7 for the speaker. The sw

The Pumpkin Project: Part Two

Today we have the build pictures and code. There will be a final post covering the final set up on Halloween so keep an eye out for that. It will include video of the final setup. The Hardware: 1 - PIR sensor - 1 - 15ft phone wire -from Wal-mart 6 - LED flicker candles - from Target 5 - red flicker LEDs - 10 - 220 Ω  resistors - from that compartment in my tool box 6 - Some random proto boards -  and 1 - Arduino Uno 1 - Raspberry Pi 1 - Powered Speakers - had some laying around 1 - Wireless card - had 3 laying around The Build: The first step was taking apart some cheap flicker led candles and clearing out space inside. After the led is removed the post holding the led can be removed from inside and the plastic guide for the power switch can be removed too. You will also want to remove the contacts from the ba

The Pumpkin Project: Part One

So, it has been some time since I posted. I have a big update coming. I have finally started work on my talking pumpkin project. Soon I am expect to receive the last few pieces and that will let me start the final build. Overview: The pumpkin project is something I dreamed up this time last year having seen the thousand's of other pumpkin projects I thought why not build my own. What I have is a PIR sensor (more on that choice later) an uno and a pi. When the PIR gets tripped the uno sends a signal to the pi and a playback of a script is started. When the playback is over the pi tells the uno to start watching the PIR again. Yep, that's right, it's another talkingnpumpkin project. The How: So I ended up using a pi for audio and for managing the playback of the conversations. One of the "exciting" pieces of this project was getting the pi and uno to talk via serial over USB. Getting them talking was simple enough. Realizing that python does not like serial readline