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November fun and the Arduino Uno

So now that it has been another month I thought it its time to give an update. So Halloween was my youngest daughters first birthday and now I am getting all excited about the holiday again. I just started with arduino uno and reworked the guts of a weird pumpkin thing we bought a few years back. I have also started planning for something awesome for next year. I thought about looking at these for a while but thought they were really pricey, then I found out they had them local at Micro Center for $19.99 (now $17.99). I picked up the starter kit and have had so much fun playing with the thing. For Christmas I am also working on a project to make Christmas tree lights do stuff to music. This project is a merger of a few others I have found on the web. The project that started me thinking about getting one of these was posted a year or so back on slashdot and can be found here .  One of the other plans I am using to start my Christmas tree plan off is this one . I think I am going to st