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What Fun for the Holidays! Arduino Style!!

So for Christmas I received a ladyada's electronics bento box from and some awesome parts for my Arduino and random projects. After getting some pink LEDs (no I did not ask for pink) I have been tasked with building a nightlight for my oldest daughter. The final project will be on a protoboard and will be under some fabric in the shape of a flower. I was working on building it with an Uno but realized I could more simply build a circuit that would turn on in the dark with a transistor and a few spare parts. You can see from the pic below the final circuit is fairly simple.Here is a picture of the light and the 5V regulator circuit I made. This is where the first prototype was made the second version is in use in my daughters room. I will try to get a picture of it soon. I also got a range sensor and have created a reactive color changing light. The light changes what colors it cycles between and the speed at which it changes based on how far away people are from it. I