ATTiny AVR ISP shield for Arduino Uno

So for several of my new projects I have decided to go with an attiny instead of an uno or atmega. This makes my project footprints smaller and reduces part counts. After getting my first two tinys programmed on a mini breadboard I wanted a more permanent tool to program them. I picked up a proto shield and built out this little bugger.

I have since programmed and fused six more tinys. When looking into setting up the attiny I found a few resources and the one I ended up using gave me and extra pwm pin over the standard setup for an attiny. The site I used was:
The wiring is simple as shown in the diagram (taken form the site linked above) or from the picture of the finished board.

The long term plan is to add a socket and wiring to the big open space in the middle to allow programming of an atmega so I will end up with a dual purpose AVR ISP shield. The only problem with getting the socket is there are way more useful things I can get with the money like a fleet of attinys or hundreds of 6 mm tactile switches :-), a few dozen 0 Ohm resistors, or more useful the 8x8 LED matrix with backpack. I guess it also does not help that I do not have any projects currently that need an atmega right now and I have a spare already flashed and ready to go. once I get the tinys fused I have been using the code from SparkFun for the LilyTiny which can be found here.

Parts List:
Misc -Wire (ripped apart cat5e)
1- 8-pin dip socket
1- Arduino Proto Shield (the official one worked well for this with the DIP traces on the side.

Some other useful resources for this project were:


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