ATTiny Lantern - Battery Powered

As a small project around the time I made my ATTiny AVR I decided to make a battery powered flicker light and a pulsing night light. The lantern is a simple ATTiny running a modification of the ever available REAL flicker effect code that uses 3 LEDs. In this build I used 3mm LEDs 1 orange and 2 yellow. Parts for the lantern as as follows:

The Parts:
1 x ATTiny
1 x 8 pin DIP Socket
1 x Proto Board
1 x AA battery holder
1 x switch
1x Lantern
assorted lengths of wire I keep in a drawer

The Buildout:
Below is the diagram for the circuit note that the diagram below uses a coin type battery instead of a 2 x AA connector.

The Code:

also available on git-hub here

The Results:
The results here were a smallish circuit that I can place in a lantern and have it give off a flicker effect. Why not use on of those flicker LEDs you ask? I wanted to build something with a more random flicker and that I could adjust the flicker speed on.


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