I Got a Whole Lot of Pi Here

So to break from the normal post here I am just going to say there has been a brief break in my building as I am playing with 2 new raspberry pi's. I am really only playing with the one right now getting it set up as an XBMC box which is why I had to go get a second one. So I have been setting it up to supplement what I already have at home. I am using it for streaming and media sharing. I have been through a few flavors and am currently running xbian on the the media center box. I also have not had a chance to unpack all my stuff and really get working on any new projects yet. I am not sure what I am going to do with my second pi yet but I am thinking it can help with a few projects this fall. for the media center pc I bought a few parts from newegg and have been running that on my TV. I picked up a USB hub and a 1TB external HDD. I should be getting back into building in the next few months but for the summer I am expecting my project volume to be a bit low. I will try to get some of my other older projects posted soon.


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