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The Pumpkin Project: Part Two

Today we have the build pictures and code. There will be a final post covering the final set up on Halloween so keep an eye out for that. It will include video of the final setup. The Hardware: 1 - PIR sensor - 1 - 15ft phone wire -from Wal-mart 6 - LED flicker candles - from Target 5 - red flicker LEDs - 10 - 220 Ω  resistors - from that compartment in my tool box 6 - Some random proto boards -  and 1 - Arduino Uno 1 - Raspberry Pi 1 - Powered Speakers - had some laying around 1 - Wireless card - had 3 laying around The Build: The first step was taking apart some cheap flicker led candles and clearing out space inside. After the led is removed the post holding the led can be removed from inside and the plastic guide for the power switch can be removed too. You will also want to remove the contacts from the ba

The Pumpkin Project: Part One

So, it has been some time since I posted. I have a big update coming. I have finally started work on my talking pumpkin project. Soon I am expect to receive the last few pieces and that will let me start the final build. Overview: The pumpkin project is something I dreamed up this time last year having seen the thousand's of other pumpkin projects I thought why not build my own. What I have is a PIR sensor (more on that choice later) an uno and a pi. When the PIR gets tripped the uno sends a signal to the pi and a playback of a script is started. When the playback is over the pi tells the uno to start watching the PIR again. Yep, that's right, it's another talkingnpumpkin project. The How: So I ended up using a pi for audio and for managing the playback of the conversations. One of the "exciting" pieces of this project was getting the pi and uno to talk via serial over USB. Getting them talking was simple enough. Realizing that python does not like serial readline