Arduino Powered 5 Minute Color Timer

My daughter has been having issues keeping on task when getting ready in the mornings so I decided to make a timer for her. Instead of displaying the time it uses a light that fades from green to red over the five minutes. When the time runs out it buzzes for 10 seconds and goes into power save mode.

There were several revisions this went through using normal LEDs and interrupts I even tried it on a trinket but that is another story. The final version uses a single neopixel and a mini pro which I got from sparkfun on arduino day.  The way that this was built will allow me to easily reprogram it and it allows the option of adding a neopixel ring in the future.

The Parts:
1 x Arduino pro mini 3.3v
1 x Mini Speaker
1 x Perma Proto Board
1 x 2 AA Battery Holder
1 x Panel Mount Switch
1 x Neopixel
1 x Window Top Tin
Some Rice Paper
Assorted Lengths of Wire

The Buildout:
 For this project the hardware is fairly simple. The Arduino uses pin 6 for the Neopixel and pin 7 for the speaker. The switch on the side is wired between the battery pack and the Arduino raw input. All parts are held in place using double sided foam tape.

The Code:
also available on git-hub here

The Results:
The final project is this simple box with a glowing light inside. It starts green and moves from orange to red and when time runs out it flashes red and beeps.


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