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Update and News for 2015!

I know I have not given an update in some time but more is on the way. For the holidays I picked up a printrbot from adafruit. I have started playing with that and am working on a project that merges electronics 3d printing and gaming. I am starting work on a light up commander tag like the ones in guild wars 2.  I will try to provide more active updates this year and I have already started planning for a revamp of the Halloween pumpkin display for 2015. I have also started a new channel on YouTube for videos of my projects and 3d prints. Feel free to check that out here.  I just started working on the PiGRRL raspberry pi gameboy , I have uploaded the print out of the case top and you can see it here: It looks like 2015 is going to be a good year for IGetIO so keep checking for updates.