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Talking Pumpkins 2015

This is an update to the talking pumpkins rig I made back in 2013.  The  new project uses an arduino and an MP3 module instead of a PI for audio playack. I also made a 3D enclosure for the electronics. For the candles it is a repeat of the old build and I tried to keep the pins the same in the move from an arduino Uno to a Pro Mini. For audio I went with the DF Player Mini. I choose this sound board due to price and that unlike several other options in the same price range this module was not as picky about SD cards and supports larger than 2GB cards. A Video of it can be found on my youtube channel at The Hardware: 1 - PIR sensor - 1 - 15ft phone wire 6 - LED flicker candles 5 - red flicker LEDs - 10 - 220 Ω  resistors - from that compartment in my tool box 5 - random proto boards the ones I used for this are no longer in production sadly 1 -