ESP-01 Programmer for ESP8266

I have been working on a new wifi enabled version of the pumpkin project and as part of that effort I am using ESP8266 modules. The issue I was having is that programming them via breadboard was kinda bulky and when I ordered a PCB for a programmer it turned out to have an error in the design. The solution was to create my own. I wanted something that was minimal in parts and would just get the job done. The final product is a simple PCB with 4 components attached. To program you hold down the program button and tap the reset button and BAM! it is ready to be programmed. I left out a 3.3v regulator like lots of the other designs out there since I always use FTDI friends that have a 3.3v setting. it has made programming way simpler. I hope you find it as helpful as I did also ordering it via OSH Park 3 boards only cost $3.10.

For the build you will need:

Just solder the parts on the PCB and you are good to go.

 Here is what I was using to program a mess of wires and a pain to hook up a new esp-01 on.

Here is the bare PCB and the PCB with buttons and FTDI header installed.


  1. Looks nice, I just have ordered the PCB's, thanks for sharing!!

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